Campfire Legends: The Hookman

Campfire Legends: The HookmanAre you brave enough to play one of the scariest games ever? Then lock your doors, check your windows and experience the bone-chilling fear of Campfire Legends: The Hookman, a hidden object adventure of darkness and shadows! On a night blacker than ink, Christine’s plans for a romantic getaway go horribly awry. It begins in a ransacked mountain cabin and ends in a place far worse that she could have imagined! Help Christine piece together what’s happened and figure out how to stay alive. You’ll need nerves of steel to find the objects that will save her life and a clear mind to solve the mind-melting puzzles that stand in her way. Can you escape the Hookman and make it out alive?

Campfire Legends: The HookmanCampfire Legends: The HookmanCampfire Legends: The Hookman


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