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Snowy the Bear’s Adventures

Snowy the Bear's AdventuresHelp the white bear Snowy to get to Arctic.

Could it be possible for a little white bear to withstand a whole army of

evil monsters? For sure, if we’re talking about charming and fearless Snowy.

Armed to the teeth with the snowballs, he is turning his enemies into large

balls of snow and ice figures. But this snowballs throwing champion doesn’t

want to do any harm, he simply wants to get back home to Arctic and collect

as many prizes and bonuses on his way as possible. And he will make it! But

only will your help.

Attention: During the game play, more then 10000 snowballs will be made.

All of the monsters will be defrosted afterwards. No white bears will get hurt.

OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows NT
Memory: 64MB
CPU: Pentium 300
Snowy the Bear's AdventuresSnowy the Bear's AdventuresSnowy the Bear's Adventures

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